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Seminar for small businesses or teams, green, 2 hours from Paris

Change of scenery guaranteed

You want to bring your teams together, bring your CODIR together, offer your employees a business seminar, in complete privacy, in nature, cut yourself off from everyday life, to find inspiration, bounce back, dream of other paths and innovate together ?


We welcome you within a united and creative human ecosystem, which knows how to adapt to your needs.

You will be able to use 40,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space on a private basis to

- work in a small committee

- organize a seminar on a human scale 

- bring your teams together, create group synergy, organize Team Building.

and in addition, you can be accompanied by a facilitator with whom we work regularly.

Salle polyvalente


chambre d'hôtes bouchot

The rooms

Le zome du bouchot

The exteriors

In addition to your work program, you will be able to:

- Discover permaculture,

- You walk in the gardens, 

- Plant seeds and participate in weeding workshops. "Putting your hand in the earth helps to evacuate stress and frees up reflection and creativity." 

-Pick and cook fruits, vegetables and wild plants that we will teach you to recognize

- take time to discuss and exchange with Anne  and Jean-Philippe who will be present during your stay to take care of you.

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