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"Simplicity is the supreme sophistication" Leonardo da Vinci

Le Bouchot is a place apart  to disconnect from your daily life and live an enriching experience, in a soothing, friendly and timeless site.

At the bouchot: "  you will find at Bouchot all the energy you need for a total change of scenery."

At Le Bouchot, you will come for the luxury : "a heart-warming friendliness and exceptional encounters ... there is always quelqu'un_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in the kitchens, in the garden or on the terrace with an incredible journey and stories."  Jean-Philippe Poupard

Le bouchot opens its doors to you for one night or more.

And if you are exhausted from too much overwork, if you need a change of horizon, if you are looking for meaning, the Bouchot becomes a place of welcome for you.

For Anne and Jean-Philippe the most important thing is You.

chambres d'hôtes loire-et-cher

Bed and Breakfast

The table d'hôtes

entrée gite .JPG

Small independent house

choux et zome.jpeg



Edible Forest Gardens

We love dogs but our dogs don't like other dogs. We cannot accommodate your dog.

Many pets live on the site.  We cannot accommodate dogs even when camping.


The forest around the bouchot

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