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  Séligonia, your living space surrounded by Nature

Camping dans le jardin forêt comestible

Camping in Séligonia means:


    only asks to push. In its center the zome, a geometric shape composed of diamonds arranged in a double spiral was inaugurated on October 15, 2016


    Feed you fruits and vegetables that will be present depending on the weather and the seasons, which you will have picked and prepared with or without our help


·     Take advantage of the stable fitted out to receive you and the office equipped to prepare your meals


    Stroll through Nelson's first garden-forest mandala created in 2010


·     Take part in the workshops of the moment and learn about the place, permaculture, the dynamization of water... with the members of the Tribe


Rates per night and per person:

    Adults: €14

    6/14 years old: €8

    Free for children under 6


Free participation for fruits and vegetables as well as for participation in seasonal workshops.


les jardins
pour cuisiner
Le zome pour se ressourcer
se réunir
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