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Anne and Jean-Philippe  bought Le Bouchot in 2002, a food farm over 300 years old inheart de la sologne and left Paris permanently. Anna wasbusiness law attorneyand Jean-Philippe,naturalist.

They brought life back to the fields,which they transformed intoedible forest gardensand in the buildings they have evolved into bedrooms, living spaces and workspaces, usingpermaculture tools.

Le bouchot en sologne - permaculture - Séminaire d'entreprise
Anne Pichon - Anne Beau
Jean-Philippe Beau-Douezy



Over time, le Bouchot has become an eco-place where overnight guests, woofers, friends, people in search of meaning, entrepreneurs, a whole ecosystem meet solidarity ready to share. 


Le Bouchot is an example of the implementation of the first three principles of permaculture: Taking care of the Earth, People, creatingabundance  shared equally.

Take care of the Earth :Since their earliest childhood, Anne and Jean-Philippe have known the countryside as a living space. For more than 7 years, Jean-Philippe crisscrossed the Amazon, of which he was a fervent defender, hoping to be able to stop the process of deforestation and attack on the lives of indigenous peoples. 

During this time, Anne visited the underwater world and swam with the dolphins. 

It was while looking for an association that would help her organize a conference on dolphins in Paris that Anne met Jean-Philippe who had created Europe Conservation France, an association working in particular for the defense of whales, dolphins and wolves in their natural environment.

They had already realized that the acceleration of society, the irresponsible and irrational increase in consumption would have dramatic consequences for the environment and biodiversity and therefore for humans. They found themselves on the desire not to "fight against", but "to educate". They think 'the oYou can't love what you don't know, you can't protect what you don't love."  They therefore brought life back to the land of Bouchot, using the principles of permaculture, by planting hundreds of trees and shrubs there, then opened their doors so that everyone can, while walking in the gardens, discover the beauty and realize, if only for a moment, that it is enough to stop polluting the earth for life to reappear.Visit the Edible Forest Gardens.


Take care of humans:our Western culture has not taught us to take care of ourselves. The school, the university, the grandes écoles have been put to use a productivist and capitalist economy based on consumption, the ephemeral and the always-more. Depression and burnout have become common words. At Le Bouchot we believe that human beings deserve attention. Anne and Jean-Philippe share ce meme sentiment  "allow everyone to be themselves and not who others want them to be". Human permaculture is present at the bouchot


Create abundance to share:Anne and Jean-Philippe quickly understood that the Bouchot offers  an exceptional living space and can  accommodate many people. As they like to share, food is plentiful. As they like to take care of Humans and the Earth, everything they cook comes from theiredible forest gardensor local producers. As they love beauty, the dishes are colorful.

At the bouchot you will find all the ingredients of permaculture.

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