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Zome de seligonia
Zome interieur

Le Zome:  a unique place to discuss, meditate, sing 

What is Zome?

Zome is a geometric solid punctuated by numbers (form number, order number...), it recalls structures observable in nature; mineral and vegetal architectures based on the golden ratio. It constitutes an assembly of rows of successive diamonds (all having the same side length but different ratios between diagonals) wound in a double helix.

Ossature du Zome avant sa couverture

The Permacamp Zome, built on the golden ratio, cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_has 12 sides and 7 rows of 5 m in height, and a diameter of 9 m. The self-supporting frame is made of Douglas fir. It is covered with wooden tiles (tavaillons) in split larch, which gives them greater durability.

The Zome becomes a living space that can be used for any day event or as part of a stay.

Zome chants
Zome Intelligence collective
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