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The Edible Forest Gardens in the form of Mandalas

jardin permaculture

The farm has for more than 150 years been used for breeding. To restore nature to its place and promote the return of biodiversity, it was necessary to plant trees and hedges. The soils degraded by a long period of conventional agriculture were left in the good care of animals for several years: sheep, donkeys and horses.


After the rest of the grounds came the time ofEdible Forest Garden.


The forest garden is inspired by the functioning of nature to garden with it and not against it. It is an old and innovative  form of agro-forestry. Multi-level gardens are inspired by different silvicultural systems to accommodate a wide variety of plants,   insects and auxiliaries. Many early peoples gardened like this. This approach has been integrated into permaculture. 


In the jardins-edible forests, shrubs (serviceberry, arbutus, blackcurrant, goumis, currants, raspberries, blackberries, etc.) constitute the intermediate level.

Climbing plants also find their place : on the ground, flowers mix with medicinal plants and vegetables.

The soils are not turned over, but reconstituted in particular by adding animal manure and humus, obtained by composting plant waste.​


The first called "Nelson" was set up in 2010. In the form of a Mandala, it occupies an area of 2,500 m2 and includes many fruit trees, mainly old varieties.


Mandala is a Sanskrit term meaning circle. This is a symbolic representation of the universe. 

Le jardin foret comestible sous forme de mandala
Zome camping

The second garden, called Séligonia, was established in 2015. This garden, with aZome, was also designed in the form of a Mandala.   It is a place to live, especially to pitch your tent and pick the fruits and vegetables that grow there in abundance.

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