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They can facilitate your meetings or seminars at Le Bouchot

An organization lives to the rhythm  of the decision-making of those who compose it. Atime is oftennecessary  to make a diagnosis or find solutions. But thetime is not stretchable and it isessential  may this time be productive.  In this context, the facilitator external to the company, through the process put in place and the use of different collective working methods, makes  the task of collective decision-making easier. 

Lisa Welsh

Lise galois.jpg

Lise Gallois lives in Montpellier. It uses the following tools: Open Forum, sociocracy/holacracy (decision by consent, election without candidate, etc.), circle practice, co-development, world café, 6 hats method, and all tailor-made processes based on the deployment of potential at the service of the project and the relationship. It is also based on CNV (non-violent communication), IFS (internal family system), the mediation process, the practice of attention, dance, cooperative games, anchoring, etc.She co-animated workshops " Co-Gîtons " at Bouchot. She worked for: cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_FACE (Foundation Acting Against Exclusion) Hérault, La Région Occitanie,5cc758 bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Le GRAINE PACA (Regional network for environmental education towards sustainable development), The city of Montpellier, the Colibris movement, why not Productions, Kamea Meah Distribution

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Marie Guitton

Marie Guitton lives in Paris. She uses the following tools for facilitation: Reinforcement of team cohesion with the enneagram (reading grid to get to know oneself better and get to know others better); Take a step back on projects, through mindfulness and yoga, adapted to the company.She came to Le Bouchot with a team from Franprix. She accompanied : INA (National Audiovisual Institute), Franprix, Geodis, Mutuelle Assurance, SCM Laboratories, URSSAF, University of Dijon, Air Liquide, Air Liquide Santé France, Agirc Arrco, Carrefour, Geodis, Grands Moulins de Paris, La Poste Mobile, Newrest-Wagonslits, ...

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Michel Slimani

Michel Slimani  lives in Olivet. His tools : tailor-made design and animation of workshops, seminars or collaborative approaches allowing groups or teams to achieve their objectives in a fluid, fun and efficient way.   Graduated in communication from Celsa – Sorbonne University and trained in the facilitation of collaborative methods by Formapart. Co-founder of the local groups Colibris in Orléans and Olivet (Loiret).

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Stephane Riot

Stephane Riot lives in Paris. Group in transformation.  Support for strategic thinking and reinvention of the company. Il  works on all group sizes. His approach is to integrate the subtle dimension of transformation. Invisible architectures, systemic, symbolic, energetic, etc.

Its tools: collective intelligence, emotional intelligence, bodily approaches, modified states of consciousness, neurosciences, prospective, 4 elements etc... 


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Virginie Rostello  lives in Nantes. VSoach, facilitator, animator of dance medicine workshops. Virginie uses coaching, narrative practice, mindfulness, collective intelligence and free and intuitive dance to connect you to all the resources of body, heart and mind. It accompanies you in the knowledge of yourself,  the development of your intuition and your creativity, in the definition of your professional identity, and encourages you to develop all your talents._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

She has worked with the IEMN of Nantes, the University of Nantes and St Nazaire, On Purpose France, In Vivo NSA, the Confluence association, and provides individual support to people wishing to restore meaning and coherence to their lives. and bring out all their potential.

Virginia Rostello


Lan Levy lives in Paris. She accompanies  management committees or teams,  from 4 to 300 people on all subjects related to changes in working method, strategy, culture._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Lan seeks to make complex and complicated situations easy to solve. It accompanied: Club Med, Société Générale, Michelin, etc.

Lan Levy


Fabienne Cottret

Fabienne lives in Paris. His background has allowed him to explore various work environments in the agronomy and agri-food sector, ranging from administration to start-ups, including assignments for CAC 40 groups, and positions with politically exposed responsibilities. Convinced of the power of working together, she developed Visual Emoltion : an approach to facilitating tailor-made thought processes, which she combines with thought and
visual facilitation, “ because the eye is listening ”. Fabienne regularly draws inspiration from the principles of life and permaculture in her thinking processes. She is also a certified entrepreneurship coach (the quality of daring to change, daring to undertake) and provides individual or collective support on this subject and that of embodied leadership. , Canning Collective, Ministry of Agriculture, Passion Cereals, Arvalis, PNR Scarpe Escaut, PNR Montagne de Reims, etc.

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