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Discovery of Permaculture

Jean-Philippe Beau-Douëzy and Davy Cosson (weekend)




What are we going to do?

During these two days you will discover the essential principles of permaculture and how to adopt them in your daily life.

We will go for a walk in the garden-forest of the Bouchot farm, we will observe the soils and their life, we will admire the water in the vortices that energize it.

We will make a design of your planting containers, your terrace or your land and if the weather permits, seedlings.


What is permaculture?

Invented and taught in Australia for more than 30 years and today all over the world, permaculture offers you a new approach to our relationship to the earth, to ourselves and to others. It also aims to create abundance and share it.
Its three founding principles are:
- take care of the earth
- taking care of humans (self and others)
- create abundance and share equitably.


To whom is this stage addressed ?

This course is for everyone, whether you live in the city or in the countryside, in an apartment or in a house.

Beyond theoretical knowledge, you will discover a concrete and practical approach to permaculture and natural agriculture.

And we will share good times together at the Ferme du Bouchot.


The trainers


Davy Cosson:Gardener-Landscapist since 2008, he is passionate about trees and the life of the soil.

After having created his landscaping company in Ile de France, he decided to take an interest in

particular to ecological garden design and certified in Permaculture in 2014.

Since then, Davy has devoted part of his time to traveling from farm to farm to different

permaculturists and eco-place to study and practice ecological gardening then share

knowledge and experiences.

Jean-Philippe Beau-Douezy:ecologist and environmental consultant, has been engaged for

40 years in nature conservation. He works on reforestation projects, on several

continents, to combat soil erosion, the loss of biodiversity and water resources.

Certified in permaculture with Bernard Alonso, Jean-Philippe designed and planted a garden

edible forest, in the form of a 2500 m2 mandala on his farm in Bouchot.



Material and pedagogical conditions:

Some of the things will take place outside: bring warm clothes, hats, gloves, down jackets, scarves... and a shovel.


Financial conditions and accommodation:

The financial participation to be conscious according to the possibilities of each one. Half to contribute to the development of the bouchot, the other half for the cheese makers.

Meals are taken on site (€12/meal÷person, €6 for children, €7 for breakfast) Access to the campsite is free. The Bouchot rooms are available to those who wish for a preferential rate. Places being limited, it is prudent to reserve a bed or a room when registering. 1 night in a shared room for 3 to 5 people: 20 euros without sheets 1 night in a single or couple room: 60 euros without sheets Sheets: 10 euros
Please review our terms and conditions before registering.

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