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Edible Forest Garden in the shape of a Mandala

When moving on to this farm which has been used for breeding during  150 years, Anne and Jean-Philippe aimed to give back to nature its rightful place, Therefore, it was necessary, first of all, to fill the bare and desert land with trees. The hedge, for instance, promotes the return of biodiversity. The animals too, sheeps, donkeys and horses, played an important role in fertilizing  the eroded grounds. Then, two small orchard and one organic kitchen garden were created. In 2010, an edible forest garden was imagined by Jean-Philippe who decided to design it following the principles of a mandala. Spread over 2 500 m2, it is composed of various fruit trees which form the first belt of the hole garden. The second level is made of shrubs  : strawberry trees, blackcurrant, goumis, currants, raspberry bushes, wall up... It also gives way to creepers : vines, kiwis... All over the floor, flowers mix with medicinal plants and vegetables. Eventually, the organisation as well as the development of the hole edible forest garden is based on permaculture,


Les serres pour les semis et les cultures

Des serres pour les semis et les cultures ont été aménagées. L'une dans une ancienne remise l'autre sous un tunel bâché. 

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