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Georges Brassens

Dinners in the Bouchot.



Anne and Jean-Philippe welcome you to their host table. At the Bouchot, everyone is invited to join the family for dinner, whether he is a guest, a wwoofer or a friend.


Together, they share simple but delicious dishes. These are mostly made with the vegetables and the fruits from the garden. The fresh products such as meat and cheese are bought on the local market, on the thursday   and saturday. So, Anne and Jean-Philippe offer you a great variety of healthy dishes based on both traditional and foreign recipes.


Moreover, cooking is both a passion and an opportunity to share and to exchange. Here, the french family proposes hours of meal to adapt to the children's rate. From  "apéritif" to desert, everyone discusses and learns about each other. Certainly, the kids will also meet new friends in this place where lots of family like to stop by while going in holidays. Interesting encounters guaranted !  

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