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The Bouchot is an old remoted farm in the small and flowery village of PIERREFITTE SUR SAULDRE. Yet during the 18th century, the farm was mentionned on the first map of the Kingdom of France established by Cassini between 1757 and 1815, under the reign of Louis the 15th. Buildings that compose the farm are more than 300 years old. The farm, organised around a square yard, is also very typical of the region of Sologne.

In this farm, live Anne, Jean-Philipe, Mathilde et Lucille. The family renovated the property and transformed it in a place where people stop by for a while, contributing to the development and the dynamic of the farm itself. Eventually, it has become the anchor point of many different persons, all bound by a same desire of exchange.

Working close to nature and animals, feeding from the vegetables grown in the forest garden, that is the day to day of this great family, alway growing larger and larger.  As you've certainly understood it, here, the door is always open (admitting that there is even a door).


The Bouchot is referenced in several british guides. Here is what the Alastaires Sawdays" guide wrote about the place : " Come not for luxury but for deep country authenticity and to make friends with a generous, charming, free-thinking family who gae up Paris for this lush corner of France."

The Bouchot is a place dedicated to sharing, open-mindness and conviviality. "Entering in the Bouchot, it's forgetting all of the outside issues", that is the real place's policy. Weather you are a gardener or a lawyer, weather you come alone or with you family, you are welcomed at the Bouchot.




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